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We are looking for engaged citizens who want to have a voice in this year’s budget process. Is that you? Apply here for your chance to be on a Results Team.

What is Budgeting for Outcomes?
Budgeting for Outcomes (BFO) is the process by which the City of Chattanooga allocates its operating funds. It also serves as a one year planning process that supports collaboration and innovation focused on delivering better results for citizens.

Unlike traditional budgeting, BFO builds a budget from the ground up. Traditional budgeting typically starts with the prior year budget as a baseline and then determines increases or decreases. Budgeting for Outcomes starts with the priorities of citizens and a vision for outcomes, then builds the budget from a base of zero. Rather than submitting department-wide proposals focused on total expenditures, internal departments and external agencies must submit “offers” that clearly explain what outcomes they seek to achieve and how they will achieve those outcomes. Those offers are grouped by Priority Results Areas, evaluated by Results Teams, and the Teams offer funding recommendations within their Priority Results Area.

Why serve on a Results Team?

You have an opportunity to shape the future of the Chattanooga, helping decide how he City’s money is spent. Results Team participants evaluate budget offers from City Departments and nonprofit partners and make the recommendations for what should be funded. Besides providing a front row seat into the workings of City government, serving on a Results Team is an opportunity to give feedback on the one year plans of City Departments and nonprofits, leveraging your expertise to support innovation, collaboration, and better outcomes for Chattanoogans. Past community members have found it to be a rewarding and informative process.

What is the commitment?
-Attend a training and orientation meeting
-Read and provide feedback on initial and final offers
-Work with your Priority Results Team to form final recommendations
-Celebrate when the budget is complete!

A Results Team Lead will be with you the whole way, assembling your teams feedback and delivering it to offer writers, compiling the final evaluation, and working to ensure your time is used effectively.

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