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Section 1 – Offer Summary
(Pre-Submission for Budget Year 2019   Offer ID: 2405   
Offer Name
Financial Plan Development and Management   Recurring?
Was City Approved Funding Awarded? For How Much?
Unavailable or Pending.

Primary Results Area Department/Agency Type
High Performing Government Finance and Administration Department
Section 2 – Summary

One of the most important functions of any organization is the establishment of a strategic financial plan that is reflective of its short and long-term goals. The Management and Budget Analysis staff’s primary focus is the delivery of quality service to Citizens through a sound financial planning and monitoring program for both the operating and capital budgets. The Office produces the annual operating budget framed within a 5-year strategic plan and supports the development of the 5-year capital improvement plan. Revenue trends are analyzed to determine resources that will be available to support these foundational service and infrastructure plans that serve all Chattanoogans.

Financial management support is provided to all agencies and departments to ensure proper and optimal use of limited available resources. In recognition of the importance of transparency and citizen participation in the development of the City financial plan, this office assures easy access to financial data via online publications of budgetary information during and after adoption of the budget by City Council.

This funding request includes 1 Manager and 5 Analysts along with associated operational costs

Section 3 – Offer Budget Request
Amount Requested Total Cost New Positions Personnel Changes
Last Year ($)
Operational Budget Changes
Last Year ($)
Other Funding
$593,486.00 $593,486.00 0
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Fredia F Forshee

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